15 Jan

Can we get straight to the point? There is only ONE way to get the best qualified local leads and that's to generate them yourself. Self generated leads, which are leads acquired exclusively by your business's own marketing efforts, will outperform third party leads any day of the week. The problem is that most small businesses have notta clue as to how to go about generating the best qualified local leads. You will after reading this article! Before we get to HOW let's see the major benefits of investing in your own self generated leads.

1) Never Pay For Third Party Leads -

Obviously, the #1 benefit of developing your own qualified local leads is that you won't have to pay someone else inflated prices for subpar leads. Paid third party leads can be used to nail a few sales. I have nothing against lead generation agencies and the services they provide, especially for startup businesses. However, we know there are some pitfalls to be aware of. Read More...

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